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Curriculum for MPH

The Master of Public Health degree requires 45 academic credits (approximately 14 courses, including capstone internship). The program is designed to be completed in two years with full-time study, or four to five years with part-time study of two courses per semester. An MPH degree can also be completed with the 4 + 1 option, in which students with a BS or BA degree in a relevant discipline take additional courses toward MPH prerequisites. Earning an MPH with this option usually takes one additional year beyond the undergraduate degree—though you may be eligible for advanced standing if you’ve taken up to five graduate courses in an accredited program or you have up to four courses that count towards MPH requirements.

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Customize your studies with different course tracks and flexible options

The MPH degree program lets you follow your interests and passions to forge your own education path—and go at your own pace.

5 Core Courses + The Graduate Capstone Internship (120 Hours) = 6 Courses

  • PBHG 504 Environmental and Occupational Health
  • PBHG 521 Health Systems and Policy
  • PBHG 540 Intermediate Epidemiology
  • PBHG 652 Biostatistics for Public Health
  • PBHG 685 Health Promotion for Individuals, Families, and Communities

1 Track Of Specialization = 5 Courses from the list for each track

Epidemiology and Health Analytics

  • PBHG 501 Research Methods for Public Health
  • PBHG 602 Health Analytics: Identifying, Collecting, and Analyzing Big Data
  • PBHG 620 Health Economics

Choose 2 of the following:

  • PBHG 503 Health Informatics
  • PBHG 689 Epidemiology and Aging
  • PBHG 566 Epidemiology of Dental Public Health
  • PBHG 667 Public Health Genomics
  • PBHG 577 Epidemiology and Intervention in Violence and Injury


  • PBHG 542 Lifespan Communication
  • PBHG 545 New Media Innovations in Health Communication
  • PBHG 551 Substance Abuse and Addiction: Individual, Family, and Society
  • PBHG 560 Counseling Girls and Women
  • PBHG 603 Health and Risk Communication Campaigns: A Social Marketing Approach
  • PBHG 615 International Communication
  • PBHG 660 Global Health, Communication, and Social Change
  • PBHG 677 Disclosure, Stigma, Privacy, and Health


  • PBHG 565 Social Determinants and Health Inequities
  • PBHG 572 Global Health
  • PBHG 615 International Communication
  • PBHG 620 Health Economics
  • PBHG 675 Critical Issues in Global Health
  • PBHG 678 Water, Land, and Air: critical issues in Global Environmental Health

3 Elective Courses

Students can choose from the list below or any concentration classes that are a) not part of the student’s
chosen concentration or b) concentration classes above the 5 required.

Selections include:

  • PBHG 591 Graduate Independent Study
  • PBHG 606 Grant Writing in Public Health
  • PBHG 670 Topics in Public Health

Three concentrations to choose from

The Epidemiology and Health Analytics track—Focusing on translational research to create a healthier society and fostering the integration of population health research in fields such as engineering, healthcare systems, and business.

The Health Communication track—Exploring innovative ways to motivate healthy behavior and reduce health risk via institutions and agencies throughout the nation.

The Global Health track—Concentrating on the impact of culture, social structure, economics and politics on the health and illness, health disparities and public health policies worldwide.

Field experience for real-world exposure

The graduate-level capstone course requires an internship of at least 120 hours and a Capstone paper that launches students into meaningful careers or positions them for further studies. TCNJ Public Health currently has more than 40 partners that provide rich professional opportunities to our students.

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